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Sweet Delight Mona Lisa

The World’s Largest Toast Art Mosaic

“Sweet Delight Mona Lisa” by Maurice Bennett.



by flyingbeagle

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  • ann says:

    WOW, that whole thing is made out of toast? How awesome but boy that’s a lot of bread

  • Bing says:

    I liked what they did but thought the curator wasn’t very smart to place it at that location. There was no way to get a full straight front shot. Only diagonal shots.

    Did you buy any lens in HKG?

  • Tanya Walton says:

    Wow…that is a lot of toast!!

    A fantastic picture though…I wonder how many extra pieces of toast they had to make because the students got peckish?!?!

  • lina says:

    Whoa! Toast art. That’s something.

    Is it edible though? XD

  • VanillaSeven says:

    Ann: It’s 5 meter high :)

    Bing: Agree with you. I managed to look around the camera shops there but too bad I’m short of cash since HK was my last stop :(
    The camera equipment there are much cheaper than Singapore.

    Tanya: I went there during school holiday. Maybe the students are well fed at home :)

    lina: It is, if you don’t mind the glue and coloring. LOL!

  • lin says:

    Now I know what I can do with all of my burnt toast—make art!! :)

  • Ryan says:

    That is pretty amazing artwork, I’m off to buy a loaf of bread.

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