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Praying for a Taxi

Public transportation  in Singapore are excellent. MRT trains, buses and Cabs are so convenient to take.

As experienced in many other big cities, sometime during festive seasons and peak hours, long queue is unavoidable.

You might want to pray for the cab to come…

by flyingbeagle

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  • ann says:

    not much in the way of public transportation around here.

  • lin says:

    Cabs are expensive in Chicago, so we hoof it whenever possible if we are in the city. Or take the bus or train.

  • lina says:

    LOL Hope you guys got your taxi fast. Otherwise, pray harder. XD

  • June Zach says:

    Heavy traffic is always experienced here in metropolitan areas and big cities. :)

  • Tanya Walton says:

    What a lovely photo..and a lovely notion to only have to wait for transport at times such as festivals…we have nothing like that in our town and still the buses run late!!

  • v1olet says:

    long queue especially during Singapore Great Sale and weekend :)

  • Wild_Bill says:

    You live in such a different world than I do. It is so fascinating to even think about living where you do. Here, in rural america, if you can’t get yourself to where you are going your not going to get there. It’s pretty simple.

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