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Yrjö Edelmann , born in 1941 in Helsinki , Finland , is a Swedish artist who has become known for his realistic paintings depicting packets, napkins and the like.

Basic Theories of Perspective Lilac (2010)

118 x 63cm. Oil on canvas.

Edelman began his career as an illustrator at Åhlén & Åkerlund publishers . After a trip to the U.S. , he came in contact with the new American painting. He was educated in the United States of James Rosenquist that inspired Edelmann to go separate ways until her highly personal art.
He took this on board and in 1973 he appointed for the first time his paintings.
Edelmann’s unique paper art known as trompe l’oeil , has made him world famous exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and most European countries.

Stringed Blue and Beige Powder Fields (2010)

100 x 120cm. Oil on canvas

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