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The art of Liu Zhuquan focuses on visual analysis of consumer society, which is the compsuntion topic of nowadays mankind.

He collects various peculiar bottles which have been consumed, and then paints the inside of the bottles using the chosen topics. This becomes the higlight of inner bottle painting.

This is an art form which evolves from traditional Chinese folk snuff bottle inner painting.

What differs from the traditional art is that Liu Zhuquan‘s art focuses on integrating each independent inner bottle painting into a unified art concept which similar to a drug store or a storage room instead of the painting skills of snuff bottle inner painting.

About World of Thousands (2010):

‘World of Thousands as an art piece, I like it because I spent years of time in the creation process. With time went by, the essence that emitted naturally from this work makes me thrilled. It is just like a sapling being planted in earth, and then without knowing, it grows into tall tree. In the end, it bears so much meaning for people to understand. All these are not important anymore, because its own beauty and awe have become independent from the meaning, even from me the creator.’

-Liu Zhuoquan

Liu Zhuoquan born in Wuhan, Hubei province, China 1964. Currently lives and works in beijing, China.

by flyingbeagle