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On my trip, I happened to try this simple small noodles shop in Soho area, Hongkong.

The place have decent customer traffic so we decided to take our lunch here.

My buddy ordered Prawn noodles. When it came, we both gasping at the sight!

The prawns almost covered the whole plate! Topped by generous chili powder! Wicked!

Here is different angle for your enjoyment.

Funny thing about this shop. The only drink that they sell here is Coke.

We got no choice but to order them.

Who are we to decide when the noodle master has appointed it as the only drink allowed in the restaurant? :D

Here is what I’ve ordered. Apologize for my Western friends. This might sounds gross to you guys.

Behold, Pig’s kidney and liver noodles!

The smooth texture meat is kidney and textured one is liver. Topped with generous amount of Spring Onions!

Trust me, they are delicious! I’ve been eating both since my childhood, blame it on my parents! :D

Here is another angle.

Now, excuse me for a moment to enjoy my noodles and must-drink Coke :)

by flyingbeagle