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I love how furry this flower is. It grew out from a tiny crack on stone balcony.

Taken with Nikon D90, ISO 800 Speed 1/2500, f 2.8, focal length 70mm (SIGMA 70-200mm).

Below is 100% magnification.

by flyingbeagle

You brighten my day
You brighten my night
As long as you shine in my life,
then I know everything will be alright
A one of a kind person
You can never be replace
Everytime I see you,
I always have a smile on my face
You’ll never burn out of passion.
Your aura is beautiful for the sun to see
All the clouds and darkness are gone
Your love makes me stand tall like a tree
You care about the ceilings of my soul.
They can never break as long as you are here
You give me a million watts of happiness
You light up my atmosphere
Copyright(c) 2009 Edwin Hurdle

by flyingbeagle

Maybank celebrated its 50th anniversary on 2 October 2010 by having a big event called Nightwalk 2010 where all the participant can walk through famous landmarks in Singapore such as Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge, Fullerton One and much more.

This was actually an endurance race to get Old Chang Kee Curry Puff! Que on Singapore! :D

Above gate is the starting gate. The gate opened at 6.30pm.

The $10 registration money collected will be donated for charity.

Saw the tiny yellow dots across the waters? Yep. That many people :) (Click to enlarge)

This sweet lady graciously gave me a chance to take her photo while others were too busy rushing.

Let’s walk!

by flyingbeagle