The Blog

Caution: Don’t read if you don’t want to feel depressed.

It’s been a quite thorny path from 2009 to 2010.

Can’t say I am proud of the progress of this blog, if there are any.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • I quit Entrecard, which gave me major traffic in the past. Most of you that still visiting me are from there. Staying there only delayed the impending disaster. It’s like cutting lose parachute with holes. Still going down, but faster.
  • I no longer active in Adgitize. Which means I have to forked out extra money for the ads.
  • I am very busy with my current job and personal life till the extend even my photography life are suffering.
  • This is the devastating part: Most of VanillaSeven contributors are out of gas, including the co-founder. As you noticed (If you care enough) most of the post came from me for the last few months with occasionally one or two friends still post once awhile.
  • Having to published one quality post every single day is very challenging. I believe daily bloggers like ann, Lin, Ratty and Bing in agreement with me.

Well, I am only ordinary human whom has a emotion too. For bloggers to see a zero comment for almost a day while they had tried their best is very depressing. Special thanks for those of you that have keep me going for this long.

So this is what I will do from today onwards:

– Firstly, I will have a break till further notice. I can come back earlier if comments on this post have reached 50 comments/Facebook like.

– After I start my post again, I will publish a quality post in my own time, and continue after the comments reached at least 20 comments/ Facebook like. If everyday reached more than 20 comments/Facebook like then I will post new one the next day and so on.

Thank you for the friendship you guys shown all these years. Please bear with me in this soul-finding journey.

by flyingbeagle