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Koru is the Maori name for the new unfurling fern frond. When a fern tree is growing and sprouting ferns, this is how it starts unfurling its pod and releasing new life.

It’s not easy to spot a perfect Koru. They unfurl very quickly and are quiet fellows in a deep dense forests.

The Koru symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. May it bring everyone a piece of each of those.



Today it’s my Birthday.

Years went by and along the way I met so many wonderful people in this world.

Most come and go like a season, few stick with me like lips to the teeth.

Learned so much valuable lessons along the way. Few are learnt in the hard way, yet I grew stronger from the experience.

I used to care much about people’s opinion of me and realized in the end they doesn’t really matter at all.

Shameless is a new positive word in my dictionary of life. The most important person to be kept happy is myself.

I am pleasantly surprised so read so many comments from my bloggers community, encouraging me to keep VanillaSeven alive.

Not out of routines, but out of my heart.

Thank you guys for coloring my life so beautifully!

Bright Joy

On your birthday,

I’m thinking about how much light and sparkle
you freely dispense wherever you go,
how your sunny smile lights up any gathering.
Every birthday marks another year
of you radiating positive, happy energy,
contagious happiness
that infects all who come in contact with you.
May your next birthday find you the same–
glowing from within,
beaming bright joy on everyone you meet.
I feel blessed to know you.

By Joanna Fuchs

Hey hey hey!!!

I’m back! I simply missed all of you and the hunger of blogging were unbearable.

So, here we go!

Yesterday I went to join Canon Photomarathon 2010 at Suntec Convention Center, Singapore.

The atmosphere were so exciting!

Check out the crowd here!

I was queuing for almost an hour just to submit my first photo! Madness!

Total attendance is more than 1650 photographers!

Here is my first submission. The first theme is Clarity.

Many of the attendance focused on object of visibility. My approach is on hearing clarity.

So I happened to found this handsome young man, hiding at one corner of the music shop experiencing musical bliss.

His expression was captured perfectly.

Next theme is Faith.

I found this old crucifix lied between antiques. I placed it on the top of these ancient copper coins an shot.

This picture was inspired from Matthew 6:33,

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

The last theme: Charge

Basically I shot these lighted stars in slow shutter speed and move my camera while pressing the trigger.

Not my best effort, 12 hours plus of non-stop photoshoot really drained me.


Here a surprise for all of you,

You saw the most right picture on the Nominees panels?

Yes, that is my second theme: Faith photo! I am shortlisted in Canon Photomarathon 2010 Best Works! I am so happy!

Although in the end I was not selected as the winner (I suspect because I am using Nikon? LOL! Kidding!),

this is a huge encouragement for me to put more effort next time!

Last but not least, I wanna thank you all for the encouraging words to keep me blogging!


by flyingbeagle