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When I heard about Mediacorp’s BIG SHOT, immediately I called my buddy Mr Obana.

I was asking him whether he keen of joining this competition. He said yes and actually he knew about this news ahead of me.

Days has passed… till few days before the deadline, I received this news.

Obana told me that he has pulled back from the competition and he wished me all the best.

After the competition, I called him straight away to tell him about the result. He said regretfully that if only he joined also.

Little that I know that, he actually went for the interview 2 days ahead of me!

Above is the famous 10 minutes picture challenge that he took. I managed to pried this from his precious iphone.

What a betrayal! I am truly speechless when I found out about the truth.

Maybe he was hoping that I pulled back from the competition when I heard he did that? Or what? Any of you can explain this sensibly?

I really hope both of us can be shortlisted in this show. I promise it will be a VERY interesting show!

by flyingbeagle