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Last week I’ve been pretty busy of some assignment and photoshoot.

One of my activities was joining Mediacorp’s Channel 5, Singapore’s  local television show called THE BIG SHOT.

THE BIG SHOT is a reality series similar like Project Runway, but for photographers.

This is my pass.

For the first assignment, they gave me one flimsy flower and asked me to create an interesting photo out of it.

Too simple? Well  firstly, I can only use my mobile phone, no DSLR camera allowed. Not even pocket camera.

Second, they only gave me 10 minutes to find a spot, arrange and shot the flower.

By the time I finished arranged all these, 5 minutes has passed.

I have only 5 minutes left to shot it, clean up the mess and run back to the registration counter.

This is what I have submitted. Please don’t laugh at me.

This photo is as it is, straight out from my mobile phone with just a logo added.

It may look easy, but believe me it is not.

I know that the arrangement of the upper inner petals can be tidier.

Just for your information, it was placed on stony parapet outside the building and it was quite windy at that time.

Then the center flower bud is actually stood up on the surface.

I have to bite off the green at the bottom to make the flower stood straight (the taste was nasty!)

I hold a piece of A3 sized paper with my left hand to shade off the direct sunlight (for the warm effect) and took the picture with my right hand.

They told me that I will know the result in 2-3 weeks time.

I hope I will be shortlisted.

by flyingbeagle