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JAY Photohunt held a photo outing on August 8th, 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

One of the three photo models that featured was Eve Angela Chan.

The theme of this photo session was Traditional, so the models were wearing Indonesian traditional outfits.

It was an awesome opportunity to partake in this Traditional session, since most of the photo session nowadays are less unique.

Eve are a cheerful model and pleasant to work with. Her great experience in photo modelling helps smoothen the photo session.

by flyingbeagle

One early morning on my way out, I saw this wrecked car on the road side.

How that car ended up at the opposite side of the road, is a mystery.

A moment later, a police car arrived at the location.

Looks like another car was involved in the accident too.

Thank God that there is no life casualty.

Have you ever witnessed an accident like this?

by flyingbeagle

I always try to remember to slow down and look around every time I go on hikes. The most wonderful little treasures are in places where you least expect them to be.

I think these are some sort of mushroom fungi. They were growing out of the logs and I had to climb over a few fallen trees to get to them.