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What is bokeh?

Bokeh or blur is created by the distance of the object and out-of-focus area.

This is the example.

And this is the original image. How to create easy and nice round bokeh and by using almost any type of lens?

Here are the steps:

  1. Mount your camera on tripod
  2. Aim it at the multiple light source (Christmas tree or neon sign are great objects)
  3. Turn off the autofocus feature from your lens or camera body.
  4. Turn the focus barrel manually till you saw totally blur from your viewfinder.
  5. Set shutter speed. Try experience and have fun with the shutter speed. As rule of thumb, the darker the area, the longer you set the shutter speed)
  6. Set timer to avoid camera shake.
  7. And shoot!

This is the result. I reversed the picture below just for artistic purpose. Have fun! :)

by flyingbeagle