The Blog

Good morning beloved readers! :)

There are mixed emotions in the air today. Hope, confusion and excitement when you entered this blog.

Am I entered wrong blog? No, you are not.

VanillaSeven has entered a New Frontier.

Here are the list of new features:

  • New theme. Please let us know how you feel about the new look. Your comment is very important to us.
  • New Portfolio section to showcase our work so far outside blogging.
  • I no longer use Adgitize. Still got a month left of subscription.
  • Bye bye Entrecard. Its been hard to let this one go, to be honest. I got to know many of you guys from this community and most of you has became my close friends. I’ve been clicking 300+ blogs everyday for the past one year plus and it is not an easy task, but the indirect reward are priceless. I got over 40k of EC Credits which I gladly give away for any of you who need it. Just leave a comment and let me know. For my EC pallies who haven’t exchanged link with me, please drop me an email with your link. Thank you.
  • With all the advertisement media gone, this new theme only left us with 125×125 ad space. Do email us if you wished to advertise.
  • Some of the pagination and categories might still in chaos. Please bear with us within these few days till everything restored.
  • The long await Tips & Trick of Photography section is now here! Yayness! :D

Thank you very much for your support and expect more daily goodness!