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Tea breaks on Saturday afternoon with fancy crystal cups and teapot like these is really something new for me.

My good friend brought me to this chic Tea Cafe to experienced the ambiance.

They serves all kind of tea. From well know countries such as Japan, China, England to more exotic one like Chile and Africa.

Look how delicate this blue crystal tea cup. One only served this during an important guess visits.

A transparent crystal teapot with mini clay stove as a warmer.

Do you notice the metal coiled wire? The reason it is there is to prevent the tea leaves flown to the cup.

How to clean it? Simply unhook the wire from the teapot mouth, cool huh? :)

by flyingbeagle

This little Butterfly was hanging on the branch while the wind blows pretty strong.

Why she keep holding onto that barren branch while she got ability to fly, no one knows.

In life, we often caught ourselves in this situation too. Holding on to something useless without any particular reason.

That something can be our past, habit, thought or even somebody we knew.

If only we can realized about the situation we were in quickly, let go our burden and fly again to freedom.

Life will be indeed so much better. Let go and be free again.

by flyingbeagle

We took a boat to reach this island.  Frankly speaking we don’t know the name of this island.  No people live in this island, just rocks and sands around us.  That’s why we name it Rock Island.  It was raining when we’re there.  We’re cold and wet.

As we walked along the island, we saw a pink star fish lying on the rock.  It’s bigger than the palm of my hand.

Overlooking Lengkuas Island and the Light House

Sharkbytes and Betchai would enjoy being in this island, as they both love rocks :)

Belitung Island, Indonesia – May 2010 by v1olet