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These were the most beautiful measuring spoons I’ve ever seen.

Heart shaped mini ladles with a special message on each one.

1/4 teaspoon = A pinch of joy
1/2 teaspoon = A dash of tenderness
1 teaspoon = A spoonful of affection
1 tablespoon = A heap of love

Sweet reminders of the love put into the cooking by the ones who love us.

-Story of Bing

Langkuas or Lengkuas Island is an island offshore of Tanjung Kelayang Beach, about 30 minutes by boat.  Langkuas or Lengkuas literally means galangale / galangal, a kind of ginger plant.

This island is famous for its old Lighthouse which was built in 1882 by the Dutch Collonial Government.  This 19-storey lighthouse was not made of stone and cement, but of iron.  Although it is already rusty here and there, it works fine.  Nobody live in this island except the lighthouse keeper.

Around this island there are several small rock islands with beautiful and unique formations.  The pictures below were taken at the top of  the lighthouse.  You would enjoy swimming, diving, fishing, or just lazily lying on the white sandy beach.

Pulau Langkuas, Belitung Island – Indonesia, May 2010 by v1olet

Here is the interior view of our Villa. Spacious living room, dining room with fully equipped kitchen.

What is that white thing on dining table?

Oh! They are towels shaped into Elephant lookalike! I believe they spent quite an effort to fold that (Ann, an idea for you).

Elephant is considered a sacred animal in Thailand and the appearance of a White Elephant means new era of changes and blessings.

Here is the Master Bedroom. I have to keep others away from jumping straight away to the bed.

Let me take this picture first! The goose feathers pillows are so fluffy and comfortable.

The bright floor-to-ceiling sliding windows on the right leads to the balcony.

A wooden Tissue Box with Rose petal shaped tissue! I even don’t have a heart to use it.

Will you use it if you were there?

Attached to the Master bedroom is a huge bathroom with mini pool in the center.

To the left side is the toilet cubicle and to the right side is shower cubicle.

And again, inside the toilet cubicle, I found fan-shaped toilet paper. So creative!

Sorry, for this one, I have to use it…

I believe all in agreement for this one.

by flyingbeagle