The Blog

Good morning beloved readers,

Today, for me to be able to see you all again here at VanillaSeven, its truly a blessing.

Yesterday was the saddest day of my blogging life. I believe some of you tried to visit my blog and greeted with a plain white page with a large FORBIDDEN letter. Well, thank you for your effort to visit me again today.

The reason VanillaSeven was down to its knee.

  • Our database was corrupted and blocked…
  • Users deleted, postings and images vanished…
  • Plugins went nuts…
  • Server overloaded, password denied and changed…
  • And the worst thing was, I was banned from entering my own wordpress.

This is every Blogger’s Nightmare.

But thanks to God, after struggling for hours, like a person refused to be buried alive, everything are restored, almost.

  • Some post might still have error.
  • Some of the plugins are disabled to prevent disaster.
  • One of VanillaSeven most dedicated member, v1olet, has lost most of her published picture. Almost all of them.

v1olet, I promised that I will link back every single photo that you’ve posted.

It will be a long painful recovery, yet we licked our wounds and standing up again.

We are in the process of upgrading VanillaSeven structure to make it leaner, sexier, safer, stronger and the most importantly more goodness for all of you. The reason VanillaSeven ever existed is because of YOU.

VanillaSeven humbly thank all of you.