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Good morning guys :)

Today we are going to view Marriot Hotel luxury swimming pools.

Below are the view of the entrance gate to one of the swimming pool.

This door is huge. For measurement, normal adult height only reached about its door handles.

These Sun Loungers are located just beside that huge blue gate.

As you can see, not so many people there due to monsoon season.

According to the staff there, the sun lounger were packed during peak season.

One of the five swimming pools available at Marriot Resort.

(Picture courtesy of YB)

Another swimming pool,  the white water entrance with giant bell hanging in the middle.

That little girl just happened to popped up out of the water when I took this picture.

No human harmed in this photo taking, well.. only myself maybe.

My skin are still peeling from sunburn, but it all worth it.

by flyingbeagle