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Langkuas or Lengkuas Island is an island offshore of Tanjung Kelayang Beach, about 30 minutes by boat.  Langkuas or Lengkuas literally means galangale / galangal, a kind of ginger plant.

This island is famous for its old Lighthouse which was built in 1882 by the Dutch Collonial Government.  This 19-storey lighthouse was not made of stone and cement, but of iron.  Although it is already rusty here and there, it works fine.  Nobody live in this island except the lighthouse keeper.

Around this island there are several small rock islands with beautiful and unique formations.  The pictures below were taken at the top of  the lighthouse.  You would enjoy swimming, diving, fishing, or just lazily lying on the white sandy beach.

Pulau Langkuas, Belitung Island – Indonesia, May 2010 by v1olet