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Sawadee ka means hello in Thai language, and usually said by female.

For male, they will greet you with ” Sawadee krap” unless they are somewhere in between, well.. that’s another story…

Thai people practices and differentiate language between male and female just like English he or she.

We arrived quite early in the morning at Phuket, Thailand.

A friendly driver from the hotel picked us up at the Airport and drove us to the resort.

The trip from Airport to the resort took about 15 to 20 minutes.

We were staying at Marriot Phuket Resort. The entrance of the resort is so grand.

Noticed the big pillars and jars along the entrance? At night they are lighted up with torches.

Upon our arrival we are supposed to be greet by these group of female young Thai dancer.

They will display a short dance performance along with traditional music and hang flower leis made from Jasmines and Orchids around the guest’s neck.

But oh well, they seems like having their break when we arrived. Maybe next time.

Ring ring.. Sawadee ka? :)

by flyingbeagle