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Olive Oil commonly used in cooking, hair products, soaps, traditional oil lamps fuel and even as religious symbol.

Known as antioxidant. Olive Oil also lowers the severity of asthma, arthritis, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and sugar levels.

These are brief explanation on different process of Olive Oil:

Extra-virgin olive oil was produced by the use of physical means and no chemical treatment
contains less than 0.8% acidity, and have a superior flavor. The best Olive Oil.
Virgin olive oil was produced by the use of physical means,
has contains no more than 2% acidity, and have a good flavor.
Pure olive oil is a blend of refined and virgin production oil, less than 1.5% acidity. Lack of flavor.

In my personal experience, salad tasted best with extra-virgin olive oil.

In the Bible, prophet poured the oil to head of the person chosen and anointed by God.

Do you know any other good usage of this oil? :)

by flyingbeagle