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One fine day when I was strolling at my house, I went to one of the corner that I seldom visited.

Suddenly I felt flutters of wings and shadow looming above my head, and..


The size is about two of adult palms wide open and joined together.

And well, it didn’t attack me, it just sit there quietly and slowly moving its antennas.

I quickly grabbed my camera and took few shots of it. After that I open wide my window to let this ancient being fly back to its freedom.

Anyone know what species is this? :)

by flyingbeagle

Dragon boat is an excellent sport which strongly promotes the important life values.

Lately I saw plenty of teens are practicing dragon boat to train for the Dragon Boat Championship.

Singapore is one of the few countries where almost all the people loves to exercise and enjoy outdoor activities.

Teamwork, discipline, physical fitness and mental toughness are needed in order to excel in this water sport.

I hope you are also enjoying any exciting activities during this weekend!

by flyingbeagle

Just had a wonderful trip to Singapore. With no mission other than to escape the mundane routines. Got my photo gears, and food-I-crave checklist. Good thing Flyingbeagle was on the day-off, so I got myself a professional guide :D.

The food I crave is nothing exotic nor it’s out of the ordinary. They are mostly fast food that I missed out these past years since my return from the States. Like Subway™ for example, the last time I remember I sinked my teeth on a 6″ cold sub was back in 2003. Couldn’t believe it’s been 7 years. Too bad the Subway™ in Singapore doesn’t have my fave Seafood Sensation (Seafood and Crab as they called it in the old days). But it’s still alright, anything in their menu plus extra bacon strips will do just fine.

Most food in the hawker’s centers are just as heavenly, but they aren’t really ‘photogenic’. So here is a few pics of some ‘fine cuisine’ I managed to chow down in the span of 5 days.

Max Brenner infamous Suckao (as in suck cocoa) can really get you chocolate high, literally. You are served with chocolate bits, melt them yourself in the Suckao glass which is heated by a candle, and add as much milk as you like. Take a sip with the steel straw, and you’re high on endorphin. Next time, I’ll ask for the dark chocolate for even more chocolate content. (click on image above for closer sensation)

Subway’s Italian BMT + bacon stripes in Honey oat Italian bread. Aaahh…

Mango Sago for dessert. The best ones are the one in Chinatown Point, or in Bugis Area.

Carl’s Junior Guacamole Thick Burger+extra jalapéno and pico de gallo. It’s really thick, it lives up to its name.

Ben & Jerry’s triple scoops, what more could I say?

It was a satisfying trip,… for my stomach. And the best part was, it’s all balanced out with the walking I did. Singapore could be the most pedestrian-friendly city in Asia. Now, if only I could get my hands on a Seafood Sensation sub…..

by ingimg