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After few hours walk, we met this old man at the road side and he called us.

“Yo yo yo ma’ man!” he greet ” You gotta check this stuff, good stuff here!”

Near this old man, we saw a small table with a bright green wooden box. It’s a donation box.

He then explained in the hip-hop rapper style that we need to donate for the improvement of road building.

Noticed the way his hand moved like hip-hop rapper? “Yo, put da money in da b-b-b-b-box yo!”

Road improvement? After what you guys saw on yesterday’s post?

We continued our journey, then we realized that they did improved the pathway.

Here how they look like.

Neat huh? It might look useless here, but when the rain comes, this area became very slippery, so the jagged stones path helps the traction.

by krizzcross