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Namche Bazaar, Nepal. Located at 3450m or 11,319ft above sea level.

This is my second trip after my first unsuccessful attempt to reach Everest Base Camp (EBC) last year.

I am determined to finish the full trip this time.

Namche Bazaar is a popular place of trekker because is one of the main route to great destination like:

Gokyo Lakes 1- 6, Karapathah  Peak overlooking all the famous mountain including Mt Everest, and most of all Everest Base Camp.

This is Himalayan Lodge,  located at 3445 meter Namche Bazaar.

Interestingly here they never use home address, they use height to differentiate their house location.

Do you noticed the fake LCD on top of the dining hall pillar? :)

And here is the Today Special Menu! (Believe me that their special are still the same from last year till now.)

In case you wondering how much the currency rates, Nepal currency is in 100 rupee equal to Singapore 5 dollars.

Here you can have Yak meat, Custurd.. I mean Custard Pudding and so on.

The French must be very passionate about their wine. It took a lot of effort to brought French Wine here.

In case you wondering what on Earth is Himalayan Glacier Melt, its the rip off name of PLAIN WATER!

Today we rest here and tomorrow we will start our trekking.

(To be continued…)

by krizzcross