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Strength is the first thing that come into our mind when we saw a bull.

Always a wonder to see how much strength they can produce, yet they only eat green grass.

Bull’s Strength is the common term when we define a great power.

Greek zodiac Taurus also using Bull as its symbol.

The senior most Ensign (rank) in a US Navy command are called “Bull Ensign“.

Most of the words that using Bull are positive, well… most of them.

One of the funny thing is, their waste means “nonsense”

Any other words using bull that you know? :)

by flyingbeagle

This is not UP movie poster although quite similar.

When I was a child playing with floating balloons,

My mind always wondered, where all the balloons went once they released and floating to that big blue sky?

Were they floating to Heaven? or some place up there with a big net to catch those strayed balloons?

Have you ever thinking the same way? or even deeper than mine? :)

So even till now, every time I got chance to see balloons being released to the sky,

my eyes will try to follow that balloons till they became a dot then vanished, up in the air.

by flyingbeagle

Few weeks ago I visited Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, known as Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB).

This station soon going to be moved to Woodlands area, so I decided to take last few shots before it closed down.

The atmosphere here really feels like when I was in part of Malaysia.

Everything here are slower paced compared to the busy city of Singapore which is only separated by a metal fences.

After enough capturing every corner of this Train Station,

I sat down and rest beside this old man enjoying his simple cup of tea and cigarette…

by flyingbeagle