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Eagle is usually flying alone. Soaring over mountains and valleys with its majestic wings.

There is a sense of freedom, boundless and carefree when we behold how the eagle glides effortlessly on the blue skies.

One fine day, I managed to captured this view…

A pair of Eagle flying in the way like Olympic Ice-skaters gliding and moving on the ice ring.

If only they can leave trails behind them, we would see their signature on that clear blue sky.

I’ve reached a conclusion that…

Freedom tasted best when shared.

by flyingbeagle

Group photo. Most of us like to have a group shoot, especially with the people we like to be with,

such as family, friends, colleagues, even famous people.

The question is, what type of person are you in front of the camera during group photo?

Are you the superstar type that likes all the attention you can get?

Shy type, trying to camouflage yourself better than wallpaper?

Expressionless. Simply don’t know how to reach in front of camera?

Acted cute type? Trying to look so sweet till anyone who look at you instantly had diabetic illness? :)

Stern type. You face makes Adolf Hitler looks friendly.

Which type are you? :D

by flyingbeagle

Fires of Eden continued with a great musical performance by Singapore Arts festival.

This talented lady plays interesting circus tune that blended nicely with the mood.

The weather at that time was very warm and smoky, thanks to so many torches being ignited along the river.

She plays various instruments from Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone to Percussion.

I wished you all can feel a glimpse of excitement in this festival :)

by flyingbeagle