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Point and Shoot in this case, according to the girl in white:

” You give pointers to your bro how to fly the kite and I shoot ”

“Hey bro? Are you ready?”

Now, where is the little brother… Oh! There he is, holding a kite.

He look a bit distracted though by looking at other people.

“Focus young Jedi!” :D

It’s a brand new week and tomorrow is a brand new month!

Put a big smile on your face and heart! Exciting days ahead of us!

by flyingbeagle

Sometimes the most beautiful dish can be a simple green salad. I love the different shades of green in this shot.


Sometime in life, we seems to face a dead end.

No way out. No matter how hard we push ourselves, the door just won’t open.

If only we take a moment to rest and observe where we are now.

Just like in every dark cloud there is a silver lining,

In every sealed hatch, they are silver bolts.

No door that can’t be opened.

No problem that can’t be solved.

by flyingbeagle