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There is an unspoken feeling when we looked up to the sky,

watching those magnificent clouds slowly moving over the blue sky.

Our heart and mind are connected to the soaring kite through that thin white string.

How we wished to be able to fly so freely!

Enjoy your precious weekend my dear friends :)

by flyingbeagle

It was my youngest daughter’s (Kayla), birthday last Sunday (April 18th). She just turns 3. Geez, time sure flies, doesn’t it? I could still remember changing her stinky nappies. :P. Kids just grow up too fast these days. Good thing I like taking both my daughters’ pictures. I think ‘moments’ is the apt word instead of ‘pictures’. It’s almost like a journal of their growing up.

Here’s a little bit about Kayla. She has this amazing smile that could make you forget instantly that she just spilled milk on your favourite couch. And cute raspy voice that could make you caved in to give her whatever she asks you. A bit of a prankster, just like me :D. She’s a tad shy to new environment, but chatty once she’s got to know you. I wish her what every parent wish for their kids. The very best life she could experience.

I’ve got tons of her pics on my hard disk. Some pics are actually out of focus, or under/over exposed, but I just couldn’t throw them away. I keep them so that I could reminisce those moments later in the future. Here’s some of the best ones in her first, second, and third year, respectively.

The first year. This was my Nikon period, before I switched over to Canon. (click on image above to enlarge)

The second year, I don’t know why, but seems like I took less pictures during that year.

The third year, Kayla starts making funny faces whenever there’s a camera.

Keep on shooting!

by ingimg

Nature. They always prevails.

Just give them a tiny crack on the wall or ground. As long there are sunlight and rain, a new life will be born.

They have an amazing ability to adapt on almost every condition.

Some of them even evolved to survived the environment.

We, humans are part of nature.

We will grow, evolve and survive as nature always does.

by flyingbeagle