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Time to start my morning ritual at the office, a hot cup of coffee (watered down double espresso), with a single tea spoon of sugar. One of the things I can’t live without. Ever since my first job as a creative, coffee has been part of my work life (I rarely drink coffee at home during the weekend). I even put my affinity of coffee somewhere in my resumé, and I guess it could be what landed me the job. My last boss was a coffee junkie, too, :). But before he departed from the company he took the espresso machine from the office (it was his to begin with). It was an Italian espresso machine, a Gaggia™, so I could understand it. Then, before we become coffee deprived, my office bought a Krups™, which is not Italian, but to my surprise, it makes better espresso. You can see on the second pic, how creamy the coffee is.

One of my favorites still life photo. The Krups™ in action. Using my long gone Canon 40D and EF 50mm f1.4. (click on image above to enlarge)

The final product, ready to be enjoyed.
Just a whiff of the coffee smell, and somehow for that brief moment, I forget whatever burden I have. It’s one of the little things in my life that can bring so much joy. To other people it could be exotic food (mango oh mango), a pint of Häagen-Dazs, an unfiltered cigarette, holding hands, snow fall on christmas morning, and many many more. It may seem too melodramatic, but as Jason Mraz say, ‘I love a little lift cause I’m an optimistic, In an altruistic way’ (from his song ‘Try try try’.)
by ingimg