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LOVE. An universal language.

Almost 90% of world’s songs are telling stories about love, in many way. And still new one is being composed somewhere.

Everywhere we turned, love are expressed in their own unique style.

“Hey you, wanna jump into my Love Ride?” asked the peddler to a young couple here.

I know it sounds a bit wrong.. Oh well :D

It seems the peddler himself need some lovin’ to brighten up his mood :)

And you, yes! YOU! Please tell someone how much you love him/her, now.

A good warm hug if possible. A note, text message, phone call, voice message for someone distant.

So, no excuses.

You will be surprised to know how much your words mean to that person.

What a way to start our Monday!

I would love to hear your comment about their response :)

by flyingbeagle