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It must be an Asian thing.

I live in New Zealand right now. And I get excited when I see freshly cut chili in a restaurant.

Especially when it’s chili padi. That’s when I can’t wait for the food to arrive on the table.

– StoryofBing

Stomp…Stomp… Stomp! Here I come!

I am the youngest member of the Lion’s tribe.

I might be young now, but soon I will grow stronger and bigger!

Hop! Hop! Hop! I am marching fearlessly to conquer a new territory!

Hmm? That person with the camera aimed at me looks yummy…

(Uh..oh… I better run :) )

by flyingbeagle

All it takes to ruin Marriage is the third party.

In this case, a beautiful wedding photo ruined by a busybody passerby posing in between the couple :D

But, hey look! That man in black doesn’t look too happy with what he saw!

I wonder what was in his mind when witnessing that happy moment…

Maybe he was thinking “Yeah, yeah, enjoy that moment while it last, let see if you both still wearing that smile in the next couple of years”

Do you think so?

by flyingbeagle