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It’s a beautiful weekend and my Dad bring us to play kite today.

He is so expert in playing kite. He managed to fly up the kite within minutes.

While I might be too young to play, doesn’t mean I just sit down and do nothing.

Here I am, helping my Daddy unraveling the tangled string :)

After that, Daddy handed over the string to my brother and instructed him what to do.

My brother so happy that he managed to take over the kite and keep it flying by himself.

While my Bro engrossed in his new skill, Daddy walked towards me and said “Good job my Little Tomato, thanks for helping Daddy!”

Here is the reward…

Hang on my Little Tomato, weeeeee!!!!…. ;D

Hope you all enjoy the weekend as much as I do :)

by flyingbeagle

The Discipline of a Buddhist monk is refined and is intended to be conducive to the arising of mindfulness and wisdom.

Monks and nuns take their vows for a lifetime. A monk can give bhikkhu vows back and return to home living, take the vows again later, he can take them up to three times or seven times in one life

A monk is allowed to collect, receive and consume food only between dawn and midday.

A monk must have all eatables and drinkables, except plain water, formally offered into his hands or placed on something in direct contact with his hands.

The special dress of ordained people, the robes, comes from the idea of wearing cheap clothes just to protect the body from weather and climate. They shall not be made from one piece of cloth, but mended together from several pieces.

Since dark red was the cheapest colour in Kashmir, the Tibetan tradition has red robes. In the south, yellow played the same role.

by flyingbeagle

And who says that computer is created for boys only? I spend a lot time in front of it and it happens to one of my hobbies :)

Do you have any boyish side?