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Good morning guys! :)

Last Sunday as planned, I went to a cozy bistro to just chill and watching people go by.

I ordered a fresh Cold Lemonade to complete my Perfect Sunday.

My photography instinct flared when I saw how nice everything are.

So I attempted to take the flow of syrup from the flask to my Lemonade.

One hand holding the flask, one hand holding the camera…

Suddenly a gush of wind blew in… WHOOPS!!!

Aaw… Look what I’ve done…

The table now stained with a drop of syrup.

Better take another shot before the waitress coming to clean it up :)

Not bad photos for an accident huh? :P

How about your weekend?

by flyingbeagle

Kuta is  the tourist Mecca of Bali, popular mainly among the young and adventurous. It is the island’s number one party zone — clubs, cafe, restaurants open all day long and all night long.

Kuta beach is one of the most favorite beaches discovered by tourist.  The sunset in Kuta is most breathtaking.  The wave will invite to surfing, if you can :)  Kuta still remains one of Bali’s best surfing beaches and a great place to enjoy a beach lifestyle.  You could try body massage on the beach, Bali tatto (not permanent), colorful nail polish, and hair braid.

Flying Kites

Fishing Duo

Sparkling Kuta

Kuta Sunset

Kuta Blue Hour

Kuta, Bali, December 2009 by v1olet

I’m a novice at photography, and I’m always on the lookout for subjects to practice shooting on.

I like taking pictures of people, but most human beings get quite irritated after a while if you keep pointing your camera at them. So I turn to animals. Dogs are too energetic, they stress me out. For me, cats are the best subjects.

I love the way they can sit still and not move. And hold an intense look on their faces.