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Pantai Mengiat or Mengiat Beach is located in Nusa Dua.  Hotels in Nusa Dua that do not have private beach usually provide shuttle bus / car to Mengiat Beach and run private cafe and beach facilities for their guests.

The beach can be accessed easily. The parking lot charges a small fee. There is also a free parking lot for the cafe there run by the local village. The cafe rents beach chairs, has showers, restrooms, and has a pretty good F&B menu.

The beach is protected by an offshore reef, which prevents waves from breaking on the beach, thus keep the water calm and easily swimmable. Surfers ride boats out to the reef to surf.

Mengiat Beach




This was the end of  my December trip to Bali.  Bali, I’ll be back !

Mengiat Beach, Bali, Indonesia – December 2009, by v1olet

Another one from my mom’ garden. This little pink flowers grow quite easily. They look like mushrooms, anyone knows what kind of flower it is?

Marina Bay Sands, the highly anticipated new Casino in Singapore.

This is supposed to be a normal skyline shot,

till I downloaded this picture in my computer and saw… that… that strange Red Ray of Light in the sky…

What could that possibly be? aliens? celestial being? or government secret weapon?

Take your pick guys…

by flyingbeagle