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Snap before you eat.

I love food photography. Although I don’t always remember to snap a shot before I dig in.

This was straight out of the camera. I love the natural colours of the vegetables and fruits.

Anyone else like taking pictures of food?

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  • ann says:

    That looks really good. I like to take pictures of my food before I eat, when I remember

  • Lin says:

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, so I hope you don’t take it as such, but I have noticed that Asian bloggers have a tendency to take photos of food. Unless it is a cooking blog, I don’t find Americans taking random shots of food. Have you noticed that? I wonder if it is a cultural thing?

  • VanillaSeven says:

    Yumm.. I love baby tomatoes… :P

  • v1olet says:

    Perfect combination of fresh fruits and vegetables. Looks yummy.
    I like taking picture of food.

  • Mara says:

    Wow, that’s a nice photo :)
    I love taking pictures of my food especially when I eat out.

  • Tanya Walton says:

    Looks delicious…with my allotment I look forward to making things such as this with freshly picked home grown produce!!!

  • rainfield says:

    I snapped many but all are inside my library.

  • kikamz says:

    that is very healthy stuff! i should always include salads in my daily diet. i am trying to lose weight you see… :D

  • Secondary Roads says:

    A beautiful dish to look at with the eyes and you know that it has to be very good to eat.

  • sharkbytes says:

    That looks great! I want the recipe.

  • Patrick says:

    I always take pictures of my food before I eat it. I’ve been eating a lot of luke-warm food :)

  • Bing says:

    Thanks everyone for the compliments!

    I think it’s an Asian thing too that we like to snap pictures of our food. I know someone who likes taking pictures of Asians taking pictures of their food. And I noticed that they were mostly Japanese! I’m sure the chefs are happy that people think their food is well presented. =)

    Sharkbytes – this salad is easy. What you see has the following in it -> Mixed greens. Croutons. Almond Flakes. Cherry Tomatoes. Sliced Dried Apricots. Canned Tangerines. Hard boiled eggs (split into fours). I usually use Caesar dressing for this salad.


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