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Boyish Side

And who says that computer is created for boys only? I spend a lot time in front of it and it happens to one of my hobbies :)

Do you have any boyish side?

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  • ann says:

    the computer is my favorite past time, aside from my camera and my dog :)

  • VanillaSeven says:

    I think we all love computer at certain degree or else we won’t leave comments here :) and most of us here are bloggers!

  • Icy BC says:

    Yes..that’s my boyish side! Spending time on the computer..

  • krizzcross says:

    Can’t imagine life without my laptop! Not just for the mails, but are the connections to the world. And without this fan…. our computer are simply a chunk of waste metal.

  • Joanne Olivieri says:

    Same here, spending probably too much time on this computer but I can’t get away from it :)

  • Tanya Walton says:

    I love to play in the mud…and climb trees!!!

  • aleXa says:

    @Ann: yes, and add my camera too :)
    @krizzcross: imagine 15 years ago, when computer is newly invented and became a luxury thing. I still remember typing with the bulky typing machine :(
    @ Joanne, VS, Icy: it’s the technology era! computers seem to bind us very tight :D
    @Tanya: maybe I’ll try mud someday :lol:

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