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Thank God its Friday!

VanillaSeven proudly present to you, Sierra Soetedjo.

A young female Indonesian born on June 26th, singer/songwriter, has accomplished her study majoring in vocal at WAAPA (Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts), graduated in Advance Diploma of Contemporary Music in 2005 and Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) in 2007.

This lady in red sings numbers of Jazz standard beautifully during Valentine’s Day night at Portico Terrace Bistro.

Portico Terrace Bistro, the latest chic restaurant and champagne bar at Senayan City with its exclusive terrace style setting, modern furnishing, and open view concept.

Singing on “The 5th Edition JAVAJAZZ Festival ’09” has been a very great experience for her, because she performed under her own name “Sierra” and has the chance to collaborate with KLA Returns, singing some of their big hits such as “Rentang Asmara” and “Tentang Kita”.

Sierra Soetedjo will be performing at JAVAJAZZ Fest. Sunday 7th March 6pm, outdoor stage 2 with Jeffrey Tahalele & Revelation.

Here are the team (left to right): Sierra Soetedjo, Ali Akbar Sugiri and Donny Sundjoyo.

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Shots of abandoned logs that have blessed much to our life ……

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