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The Anchorvale Commnity Centre is relocated in 2007.

The new Anchorvale Community Club (CC) is co-located with the Sengkang Sports Complex on the east bank of the Punggol River and bounded by Anchorvale Street, Anchorvale Road and Sengkang East Way.

This place is an awesome place to hang out and do outdoor sport activities. They got 7-Eleven, McDonald’s (with drive thru) and Brewbaker’s (restaurant & lounge).

In case you wondering what is the upper highway are for, it is for The Light Rail Transit (LRT), also known as the Light Rapid Transit.

You can see the moving blue light trail of it on this photo.

by flyingbeagle

At Melaka, we passed by this beautiful Chinese building.

Notice that they draw two huge Deities picture to protect the gate.

The Deities drawn here are famous heroes from Three Kingdom era, Zhang Fei (left) and Guan Yu (right).

These two Generals are sworn brothers of Shu ruler, Liu Bei. Their expertise in battlefield are legendary.

The details of this painting is brilliant.

The scary part is, do you noticed that the eyes of the guardians following you wherever you are? :)

by flyingbeagle

Tea break or Afternoon tea is a light meal typically eaten between 3pm and 5pm.

Afternoon Tea is generally available in high-end hotels, restaurants and cafés.

many British take a much simpler refreshment consisting of tea and biscuits at teatime.

Now if you excuse me, I need to enjoy my tea before it turned cold :)

Which tea flavor do you like the most?

by flyingbeagle