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The photo is taken during my holiday last year. I know it’s not much, but the modernism era has offered us with advance technology and more sky-crapper buildings.

But it also caused the minimalism of green area :(

Good morning everyone! :)

Captured this shot at the nearby MRT while waiting for a person who in the end never come :(

At least I got a great shot! :)

This man is obviously very tired and he is waiting for someone.

Check out the curious little boy with his mom here.

This boy stare at the old man for quite sometime till his mom bring him away.

Have you been in the state of very sleepy till you just simply don’t care where you sleep?

I did. :)

by flyingbeagle

Last weekend, I visited the Abel Tasman National Park in South Island, New Zealand.

There were tons of cicadas in the forest and I was completely fascinated with them. They make this deafening loud screeching clicking sounds in the bushes and trees.

This is what a cicada looks like –

The male cicadas are the ones that make the sounds. They make that sound to send signals to the female to mate.

After they mate, the female cicada will lay her eggs into the bark of a tree and when the eggs hatch, all the baby cicadas will go underground where they live for 5 years. After 5 years, they’ll emerge with this hard shell around them. They’ll look like ugly crawling bugs.

Shortly after they are out from the ground, they will shed that hard shell skin. And emerge a beautiful cicada with wings. The shell is then left behind.

This one must have been here for a while, cobwebs were already forming around it.

The adult cicadas then start to make noise to attract each other to mate again and the cycle continues.

All shot with Canon EOS 500D and the Tamron 18-270mm.

[Afternote: Cicadas are completely harmless although they look menacing. They don’t irritate or bite humans. They are also harmful to crops. There are a few hundred different species of cicadas and in some countries, they are eaten as a delicacy. The birds eat them too.]