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The photo is taken during my holiday last year. I know it’s not much, but the modernism era has offered us with advance technology and more sky-crapper buildings.

But it also caused the minimalism of green area :(

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  • Joanne Olivieri says:

    More and more of the high rise modern architectures are showing up all over. I love the angle at which you shot the first photo, very cool

  • willoaks studio says:

    That perspective on the tall building is really powerful…actually made me a bit queasy to look at!!

  • JuneZach says:

    Tall buildings… sky-crappers… modernization… technology… Nature suffers!
    I haven’t been to Seoul but my friends said that in spite of how modernized their place is, they never failed to allocate a place for the trees and natural beauties.. They have high mountains within the city. :D

  • Jouir la vie says:

    I like see those high buildings, but I dont would live there because I am to angry near the clouds…
    Servus and have a nice day

  • Tanya Walton says:

    I quite like the last photo…it has something about it. Have to say though although the first pic is good…I don’t like it!! I hate big cities and skyscrapers…I’m too much of a country gal and I hate it when you have to practically break your neck to see the sky!!

  • cher says:

    more buildings, less trees… how sad. :(

  • rainfield says:

    We will only survive with air-conditioners at these places.

  • alexa says:

    @arief: thank you and yes, I will visit your new site
    @Joanne: the angle has made me to squint my eyes against the sunlight and stiffed my neck, but yes it’s worth it
    @willoaks, jouir: I just can’t imagine if I have to live in one of those crappers and suddenly feel the earthquake
    @JuneZach: according to your friend, maybe I can make an exception with Seoul :)
    @Tanya Walton: the last photo actually reminds me of a playstation game which I forgot its title :)
    @cher: yeah, it’s very sad especially when you see even the dust is more than the trees
    @rainfield: that’s absolutely correct! imagine what will happen if you have a window open on those high floors

  • ann says:

    Although they do come up with some amazing building these days there’s nothing like the architectural features of the good old buildings. I love the shots though

  • Dorothy Stahlnecker says:

    The angles are very interesting, however, sometimes I do wonder who the heck designs these things. Great photography the lighting affects were great.

    Dorothy from grammology

  • Marg says:

    Those a super pictures. Love the one that makes it look like there are trees halfway up the building. Well done. That is terrific photography. I enjoyed those pictures.

  • aleXa says:

    @ann: I love the architectural of old buildings too :)
    @Dorothy, Marg, wenn: thank you

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