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No, no, no… the guy who holding the mic is not a local hip-hop wannabe singer (although he might looks like one.)

He simply just one of the seller who set up a sweets shop in Chinatown area and trying to earn a living.

The reason this guy using a mic is to beat the noise from the crowd and other competitors who use the same tactic to sell their goodies.

It is a tough world out there, you can see the guy perspiring like a cow ( yes, cow does perspiring) yelling non-stop for the promotion.

Well, not too bad, bunch of people buying their sweets in boxes! It’s a good day for him.

But not for this Chinese sausage seller…

Beside selling dried chinese sausage, name “Lap Cheong” or “Lap Chong” (written as “臘腸” in Chinese)

They also selling dried ducks in the very funny shape and unique smells.

Funny thing is, do you noticed that ot a single person come near to the stall? :D

Question: Have you tried any of these stuff before?

by flyingbeagle