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I had stumbled onto a website on Muriwai Beach on a very late night. The very next morning,

I had packed my gear and set off searching for it.

Muriwai Beach is a local secret. It’s seldom mentioned in travel books. And you can see why they’ve kept it private –

This place is home to a huge colony of gannets. There are so many of them! They were eating, cleaning, chatting, mating, resting, flying and hunting.

It is a photography enthusiast’s dream spot. You can literally stand there for hours, snapping at the birds and waters. Waiting for light and sunset (it faces west).

Can you spot a gannet bird in the mass that was nursing a serious wound? It was badly injured.

I used a Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 with my Canon 500D for these shots. It was the perfect lens to use because I managed to get great panoramic shots as well as close up shots of the gannets without having to switch lens.

If you ever visit NZ, do check this place out.

– by StoryofBing