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First award, thanks to Tanya Walton for this Happiness Award!

There are a few rules with the award which are as follows:
I have to link her blog to me and I have done that above.
Next.. is the list about 10 things that make me happy.

Outdoors activity
Sight Seeing

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Chinese New year or Lunar New Year always brings out exciting things, especially here at Singapore’s Chinatown.

Check out the various kind of strange fruits here!

This fruit looks like Alien fingers wrapped with cute red ribbon…

A kind of pumpkin which almost looks like orange…

This pear shape fruit with a waist is quite popular in Chinatown…

I tried to convinced the seller to exchange some of the fruits with our logo card, it didn’t work somehow, maybe I should try harder next time…

Upset with the treatment received, I opened another stall next to him, selling strange fruits too :D

Don’t be mad if you are the seller’s child or relatives, I’m just trying to make an honest living here hahaha…

Have a great weekend guys!

by flyingbeagle