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Good Morning guys :)

We are at the main entrance of the temple now. This beautiful gate are painted in red with bronze decoration.

Red colored door are very popular amongst Chinese culture. Wonder is there meaning behind the red color on the door or gate?

We know that in the past, when land and sea are the only options of travelling, merchants from the east meets the west at the famous route called “Silk Road.” While they trade merchandise and exotic spices, they also trade culture and story.

One of the famous story comes from the glorious civilization on that era, Egypt.

The Chinese heard the story about how the children of Israel, being protected from Angel of Death which slained thousands of first-born in the land of Egypt. How they are protected? By applying the blood of a Lamb on the door of the house. As the story only travels from mouth to mouth, it became slightly distorted, but the meaning remains the same. Blood or red color on the door post for protection from harm.

Red is a very auspicious color for Chinese. It signifies Sacrifice, New Hope, Protection and Life.

by flyingbeagle