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This is my first contribution. And as I am based in NZ right now, I decided to start off with my personal favourite of the shots that I have taken in this country.

This is Lake Pukaki in the South Island of NZ.

We were driving along the highway when we passed this view. And I had stopped and dangerously crossed the busy highway to the other side of the road just to snap this.

It was worth the danger, because getting a shot like this takes ALOT of luck. You can’t take a holiday to NZ and expect the mountains to be like this 24/7 waiting for you to bring your camera. The amount of snow has to be right. The amount of clouds in the skies has to be right. The light has to be right. And you have to be right there when it all comes together.

I have travelled to many beautiful parts of NZ to shoot, and never thought that my favourite picture would turn out to be the one most unplanned for.

– by StoryofBing

People say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I’d say it’s more than that. It’s the ‘relativity’ that makes people beautiful in some other people’s eyes. There’s no rule of thumb that’s definite in determining beauty. Sure a supermodel is beautiful in most people’s eyes. But that’s because we’ve been brainwashed by all sorts of media (TV, magazines, internet) that tells us what beauty is according to them.

We take that same supermodel (let’s say a tall-blonde-slim caucasian) to other part of the world that hasn’t been affected by the ‘media’, I wouldn’t guarantee she’ll be a hit over there. Who knows that maybe in that other part of the world, fair skinned, slim and blonde hair is associated with being not healthy and has no appeal whatsoever. Thus, one’s definition of beauty is relative to  one’s area. And that’s just one example of one ‘relativity’.

Beauty can also be relative to time. One evident example from the Reinassance; ample women were the subjects of many art forms from that era. A person can be considered beautiful because of the hair, or the way that person dresses, or even because how that person carries his/herself. You see, it’s relative to many aspects.

Same goes for photographing an object. In order capture a beautiful shots of the object, one would have to take some consideration in how the object relates to many aspects. These pictures below are my efforts to make them appear interesting, and maybe beautiful in some people’s eyes. Slight touch up in term of adding a bit of contrast and vibrancy, but no shifting white balance, nor other heavy photoshop manipulation.

This picture above could be a standard product shots. But the backlit matte acrylic surface eliminates shadows and reflection, making the objects appear floating. Something interesting that we rarely see in real life, floating shot glasses.

To make it more interesting I put a frilly peach hat between the flash below, and the acrylic surface. I hope the ‘relativity’ of the objects, light, and background creates beauty.

How about rearranging the objects to create compelling repetitive lines, then putting the lights with blue gel filter at the end of those repetitive lines. Dramatic, don’t you think?

A simple isolation of the objects in the corner, makes the picture tells a different story. The vast empty space or the isolated objects leave you some imagination.

Tilt the angle a bit for more dynamic composition, while the darkness, the shallow depth of field (hence, the blur), and the contrast of cool blue and hot red invoke different responses from different individuals.

Infinite, infinite ways to make a beautiful photographs. Most of the time after a trip, or a shooting session, I found myself thinking, “why didn’t I try that angle, or that composition”, because there are just,-as I said- infinite ways to approach beauty. Just dare yourself to take different composition instead of the same old ‘me-small-in-front-of-the-site-in-the-center-of-the-photograph’. Take a closer intimate shots of an architectural structures instead of wide angle shots that you can find in hundreds of souvenir postcards. Or simply, just take more shots. Cheers.