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Long ago, on a step hillside between the mountain and the sea on the splendid island of Bali, there once lived a village of people renowned for their believe to God and their love for nature. They considered all the wild animals and plants to be their friends. In those days there were many deer and few people. And tigers never bothered the village. They lived together in peace and harmony.

Orang Utan


Comodo Dragon

Bali Safari & Marine Park,  Bali, December 2009 by v1olet

During my last photo shoot trip, it’s been raining cats and dogs.

Not that huge pouring-from-the-bucket like rain. Just a drizzle, a persistent one.

These photo was taken in between the “drizzle break.”

I guessed something good will revealed when one diligently seek it.

Now, hopefully the rain stop long enough for me to shoot more. By the way, where is my model…

(to be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

Yay! It’s Friday! Time to do all the fun that has been planned for a week!

Today, we got Ms. Stevani to companying us on this lovely Friday.

This is my first time taking photo in the studio using all the lighting equipment and all I can say its wonderful experience.

At first she was a little nervous about the photo session, so we just chat and cracked a few jokes with her.

She asked about the kind of photo style that we want. I replied “Just be yourself, in the beautiful way.

She quickly grasped the idea and these are the result.

Any comment are greatly appreciated! :)

by flyingbeagle