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Located at Buleleng Regency near Singaraja, there are 2 small lakes next to each other.  The locals often call Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake as  twin lakes.  A long the road there are some spots to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.  However, there is one strategic spot where you could enjoy the panorama of both lakes at one stop.  Tamblingan Lake is on the left side and Buyan Lake is on the right side.

Misty Lake Tamblingan

Between the two lakes

Buyan Lake

Bali, December 2009, by v1olet

Good morning guys! :)
We happened to bumped into this lonely white Heron on our way for phototaking.
My friend stop the car and we moving close inch by inch.
My camera was equipped with sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 at that time.
Then I shoot…
This is how it looks a second before someone nearby started car engine, and the poor lonely Heron just fly away in the blink of the eyes!
Next time will be better! Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend folks! :)
by flyingbeagle

Was on a trip to Malacca recently. Due to my tight schedule, it unfortunate not able to go around town to take more shots. Here are some views taken through my hotel room window.

Malacca, a state in Malaysia accessible in just two over hours drive from Singapore. A place with rich history and culture with unique architecture. Simply loved their local dishes along the streets. Pace of life aren’t hectic, without massive humans and vehicle traffic.

– View of Malacca Town (Part)

– Local residence…

– Interesting clustered of well furnished houses

– View of shop house roof.

By Krizzcross