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Survival of The Fittest

Not only in wildlife but in our social world, its quite common we heard this term.

When the power of muscle slowly overcomes by wits.

Corporate world is the obvious example. People try to climb higher while preventing others to step on their head.

Yet, let’s go back to the primal world when losing the competition can be fatal.

Above is a Giant Green Grasshopper are busy enjoying its meal after victorious battle.

What battle?

Below is another Grasshopper, recuperating its strength  after a gruesome battle that cost its leg.

Anyone found similarity in your working place? :)

Well, life goes on…

by flyingbeagle

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  • Dora says:

    haha only the strong one stays… I love to watch Gladiators (game show) to boost the stamina! :-)

  • alexa says:

    what a small grasshopper, nice shots

  • Nessa says:

    I changed jobs a several times and sad to say that there were a few who enjoyed backstabbing other ppl just to get what they wanted. I hate office politics! It’s the same as the country’s political situation…

    It’s definitely survival of fittest and the cunning!

    But as you said, life goes on :)

  • Ratty says:

    Great pictures of the grasshoppers. It’s a good thing that most humans only lose some amount of pride in our battles. There are exceptions to that rule though. I guess we are still animals whether we like to believe it or not. I wonder if animals have political struggles like humans do.

  • Nicole says:

    Since I am not working, no, I don’t ;)

    But I love the lush green and your shots nonetheless :D!

  • roentarre says:

    Very good captures on the grass hopper. So cute looking

  • ann says:

    Those are great pictures. That poor little grasshopper. I believe that the big one reminds me of one of the women I work wlith. She’s never taken anyone’s leg off but she’s pretty nasty….lol

  • Icy BC says:

    Wonderful photos of the grasshoppers!

  • Lin says:

    Everyday. That’s why I work part-time, so I’m only there to see it all part-time. :)

  • sharkbytes says:

    Yup… I just lost my best web client. I guess I am almost 100% a writer now. It looks like something chomped the leaf right behind that first guy. I feel like something big is chasing me sometimes too.

  • vanillaseven says:

    Dora: I love Gladiator too :)

    Nessa: I think it depends on the type of work too.

    Ratty: I think for animal it just a raw savage where the strong beats the weak. Human are more complicated.

    Alexa. roentarre, Icy, Nicole: Thank you, Nicole, so fortunate you are!

    ann: I hope the only legs she took are from KFC

    Lin: Sometimes, half is better than full :)

    sharkie: Hope new client coming to your way soon. Have a blessed weekend.

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