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Naan Bread, also called flat bread, is one of my favorite Indian food.

The texture are so soft and fluffy when its hot, you can taste a bit of burn smell of the dough.

Usually they eat this with a small plate of gravy made from meat curry.

The curry varies from chicken,mutton, fish to vegetables curry.

My personal favorite gravy is fish curry :P

How they make this? They put a flattened dough on some kind of pillow and stick it on the inner ceiling of open top-big pot.

Then they close the lid for awhile. After few minutes, they opened the lid and use a hook to dig and peel this bread out.

I love Naan bread best compared to other type of Indian bread because it is baked, not fried with the greasy oil.

Above is the best Naan I’ve tasted so far in Little India.

What is your fave Indian food guys? :)

by flyingbeagle