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Good morning lovely people! Sunshineee!!! :D

Today we going to talk a bit about kayak.

kayak is a small human-powered boat. It has a covered deck, and a cockpit covered by a spraydeck also known as a skirt.

In  United Kingdom, kayaks are referred to as canoes and vice versa.

Kayak Boats

Kayak compartment

Traditional kayaks typically accommodate one, two or occasionally three paddlers who sit facing forward in one or more cockpits below the deck of the boat. If used, the spraydeck or similar waterproof garment attaches securely to the edges of the cockpit, preventing the entry of water from waves or spray, and making it possible, in some styles of boat, to roll the kayak upright again without it filling with water or ejecting the passenger.

Kayak Boats 2

The drawback for kayak is, when the water gets in, we have to manually turn it upside down and cleared the water. It is quite heavy even for adult man to do that alone.

Any of you tried this water sport before? :)

by flyingbeagle