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Just a few days ago, I happened to saw this old lady having difficulty taking the escalator.

She just stepped up and back in hesitation. Being a good citizen (Yeah!) I approached her and offered help.

If she was a kid, you can just lift them up and put them safely on the moving conveyor steps.

I forgot to tell you a little yet important fact about this old lady. She is XXXL size.

I was thinking on how to help this lady without injuring her pride or my back…

Escalator 1

Then my lightning fast mind came out with a brilliant solution…

I showed her, the Elevator. Problem solved.

Escalator 2

After this small incident, I remembered my first experience taking escalator when I was a kid, was not an easy start too.

Thank God for parents!

Any of you guys had bad experience with this automatic moving steps? :)

by flyingbeagle